The Government, which took office following the “Maidan” revolution, has committed to an ambitious and wide-ranging reform agenda. Key reforms undertaken since 2014 include: carrying out significant fiscal consolidation, moving to a flexible exchange rate, reforming energy tariffs and social assistance, enhancing the transparency of public procurement, simplifying business regulations, stabilizing and restructuring the banking sector, adopting a health reform package, moving forward on pension reform, and establishing anti-corruption agencies and asset disclosure for public officials. World Bank has stated that since 2014, Ukraine has done more to improve its business climate than any post-communist country (CEE+CIS).

Another positive shift was evident in the 2019 presidential elections held this April. International supervisors noted that they were clean and democratic with the ruling President Poroschenko defeated by a popular celebrity; the political newcomer Zelenskiy. Zelenskiy, who was inaugurated on May 20, 2019, won his campaign on the promise to fight corruption and continue the European path that was laid out by the people of Ukraine.

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